First Day Blues

My baby is in Kindergarten.  It did not go well.

Let’s start with the weather.  It’s awful.  Cool and rainy.  In fact, it is raining harder now than it did during Hurricane Irene.    Water is starting to stand in the streets.    While I’m grateful everyone has rain boots and good jackets, we were still soaked between the bottom of our jackets and the tops of our boots.     When my son woke up this morning, he looked out side and said that it was too dark, he would go to school when the Sun came up.  Honey, it is as up as it is going to get today.

We got there later than I had intended and half the class was already there.    He always does better when he is the first or one of the first in the room.  It gives him a chance to settle down, to adjust to the room and have it slowly change to full about him.    We got there and put our lunches away, signed in, found his nametag, hung up his things and then fell apart.  He was supposed to find something to do.  He didn’t.  He couldn’t.   Every table had someone there and he said he didn’t know how to play with any of the toys.  Mind you, these were alphabet puzzles, lacing letters, unifix cubes.

It doesn’t help that many of the other children already had a year of Junior Kindergarten there and knew each other.
We finally had to just leave him.  I think he melted into a puddle.

I’m sad.  I wanted him to have a great first day and I know it was unreasonable for me to expect anything different from him.   I also know that things will get better in a few weeks but still, I am sad for him.   I wish things weren’t always so hard for him.

Update:   His teacher who clearly is a saint called me two hours into the school day to tell me that he’s doing beautifully.  She gave him his toy we had left in his backpack, he stuffed it in his pocket and did everything she asked.  He participated, he did his job.  He had a great morning.  I hope the rest of the day goes as well.

Yes, I cried when I got off the phone with her.


School choice is insanity.

I understand that many districts in Massachusetts  do not assign schools based upon address and I understand the social reasons why.  However,  if you are going to have school choice, you need to be able to do so in a timely manner.   Yes, I know I didn’t register until July but that was because I didn’t move here until July.   Registrations in July must be down to a trickle and by then, you should be able to do them on the fly.
Today, I was informed that my son would not receive his school assignment until the week before school starts because they haven’t done the July registrations yet. Unfreakingbelievable.


I have a job offer… I think.  But I can’t accept it unless I can work out arrangements for my children and that means before/after school care for my oldest if I work.   How can I do that if I don’t know what school he will be attending?


This is insane.  Just insane.  I am so frustrated I could cry.