I couldn’t ask for more

For two solid years, I have been perseverating about my son’s first day of Kindergarten.


Yes, I know that is neurotic but it was not without reason.    I missed his hearing loss.  I missed his second hearing loss.    He struggled to explain himself; he still does.  His little brother uses language as complex as he does.  He’s easily frustrated, he has meltdowns, he hits.  He doesn’t hold a pencil properly.  He is exhausted easily.   He can’t fasten his pants or start a zipper or put on his shoes.


He required so much attention in preschool.  His teachers were saints.  They did a lot of ‘problem solving’ with him.. (he hit someone and that was how they handled it).  It became a good day if he only hit a couple of times a day.


But his first days of school were great and I couldn’t ask for more.


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