It’s a twister, it’s a twister!

So Hurricane Irene is about to hit.   The eye is (at the time I write this) supposed to come within about 60 miles of my home but with winds less than hurricane speed as it comes through. Most of Boston seems intent on ignoring this storm.   Trader Joe’s isn’t planning on closing tomorrow during the 21 hours of Tropical Storm unless the street floods “due to the Charles.”  People aren’t taking it seriously, aren’t stocking up on supplies.


The Charles isn’t going to flood the streets.  It will be the torrential, hours long downpour that will flood the streets.   Storm sewers can’t keep up with this kind of rain and there will be flooding.

The winds aren’t going to knock over buildings.  However, the wind will knock down trees and power lines outside the city putting strain on the grid which can cause a massive power loss.

I’m not preparing for the end of the world.  I’m preparing to be without power for several days and for stores to possibly be without the ability to resupply for a few days.  Why?  Maybe that seems like I’m overreacting but I’ve been through six hurricanes before including storms that were supposed to be big deals but weren’t and minor storms that turned out to be major disasters.  I’ve been without power for days as result of a hurricane.  With two small children and a hurricane on the way, I really don’t feel it is overreacting to prepare.
So what does that mean….

  • a full tank of gas in the car (which is parked in a garage, I’m bewildered by all the cars that are still parked on the side of the street).
  • cash
  • LED lanterns with two sets of fresh batteries
  • headlamps
  • first aid kit
  • 72 16 oz bottles of water
  • lots of fresh fruits, veggies but not so much that they won’t be able to be eaten before they go bad if we lose power.
  • beef jerky
  • squeezy apple sauce
  • ready to eat meals
  • fresh bread
  • peanut butter
  • plenty of milk (my boys drink a ton, some of the milk is shelf stable)
  • apple juice
  • brownie mix (to make before the storm)
  • snacks
  • bars
  • nut mixes
  • cereal (which we eat without milk in our family)
  • pet food

I think we are ready. boston


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